Live Bait Fish Traps! Pinfish Traps - Bluegill Traps - Spot Traps - Crayfish/Crawdad Traps!

Live Bait Fish Traps/Pinfish Traps/ Bluegill Traps offer a very convenient yet very effective method for trapping live bait fish such as the saltwater pinfish, squirrelfish, grunts, croakers etc. The freshwater trapping species would include bluegill, bream, sunfish, perch and crayfish/crawdads. We are very proud of the success that our pinfish/live bait fish traps offer all of our customers, it is a passion to be the best, it is our pride to detail and performance that has made us to be a true standout in the fish trapping world, we have been making fish traps for over 20 yrs so we have the experience to get you the trapping results that you are looking for with our saltwater pinfish traps or our freshwater bluegill/bream traps. We have see them all and have improved our fish traps where we believe that we have truly maxed out our true potential in bait fish trapping performance. There are a lot of live bait fish traps out there and most trap effectively but no pinfish trap or bluegill traps can compare to our fish traps when it comes to total volume catch rate performance as well as the highest retention rate with keeping your live bait fish trapped without escaping your trap. We have many live bait fish trap designs depending on your fresh or saltwater species. Simply call us and we will assist you in our huge fish trap selection for maximum trapping performance.

Our live bait fish trapping goal is to eliminate wasted time having to catch your own bait fish on hook and line, it is very time consuming when you should be catching your trophy fish instead of trying to catch your live bait fish 1 at a time! I can honestly say that this "was" the method that I have done many times as a child growing up and wanted to change that concept. The use of high performance traps or a High Performance cast net like the Black Pearl will "save your fishing life", making you free of that hand catching live bait fish that we all can relate to!

Our Live Bait Fish Traps are not your typical cheap galvanized pinfish traps that rust away or compare to those fish traps that are just not designed well enough to trap enough live bait or if they do trap effectively then the bait fish are able to escape rather quickly due to the visual part of the trap entrance that makes them easy to see the traps' opening. Our live pinfish/bait fish/bluegill traps were designed to trap the maximum amount of baitfish within the shortest amount of time and keep them there!

Catch N Bait Fish Traps are made of a very lightweight, welded, galvanized wire which is dipped in a black PVC coating for added saltwater protection for many years of use. For our saltwater traps and holding cages, it is standard to get over 10 years of use as long as they aren't submerged underwater for unlimited lengths of time. Under normal weekend use or leaving them out for a week at a time is fine, you will get years and years of use. If you are trapping in freshwater then of course longevity of your trap will be dramatically increased due to the lack of salt. Catch N Bait live bait fish traps are built with the highest grade of all stainless steel clamp construction for maximum quality and longevity for your trapping value. No other pinfish/bluegill trap or holding cage will come close to our trapping performance or quality, nothing, we've performed tests for over 20 yrs now and have this bait fish trapping down to a science.

Fish Trap **Exit Wall Feature
We are the originator of this fish trap design and also the only company that make these styles of bait fish traps. The "Exit Wall" was added to our 2 most popular live bait fish traps with the intent to help confuse the bait fish by not letting them see a direct opening to the exit. We've made the exit wall in such a way that the bait would have to pass between the exit wall and the exit then make a sharp left or right turn fitting through the opening. The opening can only be seen by the bait fish at the very last second making it very difficult to figure out how to exit the bait fish traps. We recommend this design especially for those fisherman that have intentions on leaving their live bait fish traps out for more than 24 hours. This exit wall will help contain most of your live bait fish from escaping as your food becomes eaten inside all of your bait fish traps. This is an excellent fish trap design and highly recommended even for short-term use.

Click Here for --> Fish Trapping Tips

* Large Buoy marker (6"Dia.x 11"L included)
* PVC saltwater protective coating
* 50 ft 3/16" rope included
* Stainless steel clamp construction
* 3 lb brick weight included
* All items fit inside chum trap for easy storing
* Compact square shaped 11"x11"x12"
* Hang from boatside for chumming closer to boat
* Use at dock side spaces for catching live bait such as pinfish, spots, croakers, grunts, mudd minnows, squirrel fish and more!
* Chums the same as chum pots except catches live bait
* Chums and traps at deep water depths
* Exclusive "Exit Wall" design helps keep bait trapped
* Trapped baits make grunt sounds & noises attracting big game
* Scent and chumming attracts live bait and excite Big Game
* Buoy marks the exact spot in which bait and Big Game are chummed up!
Easy for the goof off fisherman, a "must have" for the serious!
*Compact 3 in 1*
Marker Buoy - Chum Pot - Live Bait Trap

1) Use As Marker Buoy!

With buoy and rope attached to chum pot trap, sink on fishing hot spot with frozen chum block or desired chum inside.

2) Chums Up Fish! Anchor up current then fish toward buoy where chum is being dispersed and where bait and Big Game are feeding.

3) Trap Live Bait! When leaving for next fishing spot, pull chum pot trap and remove live baits!

Price.............................................................................................. $49.95


Item # 1122
Dimensions 11" High x 11" Wide x 22" Long, 1/2"x1" mesh

This is a great size bait fish trap for catching your smaller live baits because of its smaller 1/2"x1" mesh size. This live bait fish trap model is used to trap smaller live bait for catching saltwater snapper, trout, redfish etc. Traps up to 4 dozen pinfish, porgy, squirrel fish, spot, perch, bluegill and many other smaller live bait.
Featured with Exit Wall
** "Exit Wall" Feature explained above


Item #1124
Dimensions 11" High x 24" Wide x 24" Long

This superb bait fish trap is an excellent choice for those fisherman interested in catching many live bait such as freshwater bream & perch as well as saltwater pinfish, spots, porgy, sand perch, mud minnows etc. This incredible 4 Way entry was designed for bait fish to enter extremely fast and fill up as quickly as possible. This bait fish trap also features the **Exit Wall explained above, which helps against bait fish escaping after being trapped. Catch N Bait Supply Co. is the originator of this design and is the only manufacturer. It is more than twice the size of the model #1122 and has the same size wire mesh.


Item # 1413
Dimensions 14" High x 13" Wide x 24" Long, 1" square mesh

Our most popular Live Bait Fish Trap for the average fisherman. The 2 high entries at 14" makes this Live Bait Fish Trap easy to trap pinfish, spot, perch etc., when placed on a tall, rich grass flat. This Live Bait Fish/Pinfish Trap is far superior in trapping many live baits than any on the market in its class. Traps up to 6 dozen pinfish, porgy, squirrel fish, sea bass, spot, perch, bluegill and many other live bait.
Featured with Exit Wall
** "Exit Wall" Feature explained above


Item # 1817
Dimensions 18" High x 17" Wide x 24" Long, 1" square mesh

This Pinfish/Live Bait Fish Trap was designed specifically for commercial use or for the serious fisherman who's fishing day far exceeds the average. Trapping in excess of 100 pinfish, spot, porgy, squirrel fish, sea bass, perch, bluegill and many other live bait is not uncommon in high populated schooling areas for this real beauty.
Featured with Exit Wall
** "Exit Wall" Feature explained above

Item # 2424CFT

Dimensions 24" High x 24" Wide x 24" Long, 1" square mesh

This Pinfish/Live Bait Fish Trap was also designed for commercial use or for the serious fisherman who's looking to trap in excess of 100 pinfish, spot, porgy, squirrel fish, grunts, sea bass, perch, bluegill and trap many other live baits. This bait fish trap was uniquely designed by Catch N Bait to catch an enormous amount of live baits because of its very unique and tall, 4 sided entry design. It's basic purpose was to be able to place a trap in those special high populated live bait areas to catch the maximum amount of live baits very quickly. (Not recommended for leaving bait trap out trapping for more than 24 hrs due to the 4 exits.) The more entries, the faster bait enters but entries also become exit points. After live bait finish eating, they try to figure out ways to exit the bait trap. We are the only company that manufactures this incredible live bait trap as well as all of our Catch N Bait Fish Traps.
Featured with Exit Wall
**NEW** FISHERMAN'S JUMBO w/ Holding Cage Combo
Item # 1817EWH
Dimensions 18" H x 17" W x 24" L, 1" sq. mesh

This Pinfish/Live Bait Fish Trap was designed specifically for fisherman looking to leave their trap out for as long as two weeks at a time! This bait fish trap model is designed to leave out on the water for unlimited trapping, its unique two compartment design causes the trapped bait to move farther into the second compartment causing them to be trapped at a 95% holding success rate!! No other trap can come close to this exclusive trap design and its amazing holding power performance for short and long term use! Trapping in excess of 100 pinfish, spot, porgy, grunts, croakers, squirrel fish, sea bass, perch, bluegill and many other live bait is not uncommon in high populated schooling areas for this live bait holding trap! For long term trapping (longer than 48 hrs).
Condo Fish TrapsPrice...$69.99
White Trap Floats

Trap floats are designed to attach to your trap rope for marking your favorite trap locations. 1 float and 15 ft of 3/16" black trap rope.

Float & rope...$6.99
Additional floats...$3.99 ea.


Lead bar designed to attach and weigh down live bait fish traps, chum bags and chum cages in deep water or for fast water currents. Also works great for attaching to your marker buoy rope for marking your favorite fishing hole. (Lead bar is not needed for pinfish/live bait fish traps under normal tidal currents. Certain parts of the country have extreme tidal currents which would make it necessary for adding weight to live bait fish traps.)

3lb. bar...$9.99 ea.

"Powerful Concentrate"
Pinfish, Spots, Crabs, Grunts, Squirrel Fish, Porgies,
Bluegill, Perch & More!

*No Mess! *Long Lasting! *Stores On Boat! *Simply Drop In Trap!

Catch HUNDREDS of Live Baits!

Catch HUNDREDS of Live Baits!

LIVE BAIT FISH TRAP FOOD FORMULA is a powerful concentrated formula made specifically here at Catch N Bait Supply Co. for your maximum live bait fish catches and convenience. This powerful Live Bait Fish Trap Food Formula is extremely effective because of its high potency combination of fish and crab food with scent attractants. Let the power of this trapping food formula bring in HUNDREDS of all kinds of live baits right to your trap for very successful easy trapping. Saltwater live baits would include pinfish, spots, porgies, squirrel fish, sea bass, grunts, silverfish, mudd minnows and crabs. Freshwater live baits would include minnows, sunfish, bluegill, bream, and perch. Use this combination of fantastic food attractant with your Catch N Bait Fish Traps and you'll soon understand why everyone is talking about how productive and easy that our powerful bait fish food formula and bait fish traps are to use!!

IT'S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3!!! 1). Drop Live Bait Trap Food Formula into trap. 2). Place Live Bait Fish Trap in live bait schooling areas. 3). Pull Live Bait Fish Trap between 2-24 Hrs (depending on how much live bait is in the area). Click here on our Live Bait Fish Trap Tips section for our complete guidelines and easy trapping instructions!"

Trap Food Concentrated Formula is great for using smaller or larger desired portions for your live bait fish trapping periods. Simply pour 3-5 cups of live bait food formula in our screen mesh bag and drop into trap. Screen bag and measuring cup are included. Comes in a heavy duty reusable bucket with lid.

3 1/2 Gallons***GREATEST VALUE.....$59.99     Buy It Now

Extra Reusable Screen Mesh Bags.....$2.49 EA.     Buy It Now


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