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Stainless Chum Grinders

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with Chum Board and Gimbal Mount Rod Holder

  • Large #32 Size Grinder for maximum capacity.
  • 13" X 15" X 1/2" Polyethylene Chum Board with black hard coat anodized gimbal mount Rod Holder. Can be used in port, starboard, or stern mounted rod holder.
  • Large 1" Holes in Cutting Plate for large chunks of fish. Cutting plates with 1/4" and 3/4" holes optional.
  • Comes complete with all Stainless Steel mounting hardware.

Chum Board with gimbal mount Rod Holder available separately. Includes all Stainless Steel mounting hardware to mount your own meat grinder. Pre-drilled for #32 Aldus Meat Grinder.

STANLESS!!!MISTER CHUMMER CHUM GRINDER ONLY.................................................. $139.99
CHUM BOARD W/ GIMBAL MOUNT................................. $99.99
STANLESS!!! CHUM GRINDER & CHUM BOARD (SET)......................... $229.98

Chum Block Holder
Item #1108

This chum pot is one of the finest chum holders/pots made. For those who take chumming serious, we've built this chum pot for the serious fisherman who needs a chum holder product that will hold up to chumming in saltwater for many years of use. Also our intentions were to make a product very durable to eliminate wasted expense on buying those throw away chum bags. Most chum bags absorb the fish oils, water etc. which in return causes a very fishy smell if not washed out with soap and water, then hung out to dry after every use. This chum block pot has a very slick finish and will not absorb any water or fish oils for virtually no cleanup. Simply empty and rinse the chum cage of all remaining chum, it's that easy! Unlike regular chum block bags, this chum pot sinks very rapidly to be able to chum at any desired depth under normal current conditions. For fast currents or deep water use please see our 3 lb (48 oz.) lead bar for chumming at any depth.
Chum block holder/pot dimensions 8" Wide x 4" High x 14" Long

1/2"x1" Inch Mesh
Price each...$19.99           Price 2 for $38.00

1 Inch Mesh
Price each...$14.99           Price 2 for $26.99
Rope Chum Bag
Item # 1220

This large chum block bag was designed for the average chumming fisherman who needs a very strong and durable chum bag for long lasting use. This chum bag is made of a nonabsorbent rope mesh with mesh being 3/4". This chum bag is designed to hold the pre-made frozen chum blocks already in the smaller netting mesh. Simply drop the frozen netting wrapped chum block in this durable chum bag to avoid losing all of your chum to a torn pre-packaged chum block. Chum block bag stretches to 12" in diameter and is 20" in length.

Price each...$9.99
Price...3 for $27.99

Why Dry Chum?

Effective - Contains the highest levels of fish and fish oil possible.
Ready To Use -Starts to dissolve as soon as the dry chum hits the water.
Long Lasting -Dry chum pellets will dissolve in 3+ hours.
No Mess -Reduced cleanup time, no blood, skin or bones
Economical - No need to dump expensive bait at the end of the day. Simply use only amounts of dry chum needed. Four times as concentrated as raw fish per pound!
No Refrigeration - Keep it on board at all times. No more wasted thawed chum blocks.
Stable - Contains food grade preservatives and anti-oxidants for long lasting shelf life.
Flexible - Use with mesh chum bag or scatter dry chum into water by hand with no mess.
Disposable - No need to keep used chum bag, each pack of bait has a new bag.
Extremely Concentrated - 4 Times as much raw fish as normal chum blocks. (Example) 3 lbs of White Marsh dry chum is equal to 12 lbs of raw fish, 25 lbs of White Marsh dry chum is equal to 100lbs. of raw fish!!

White Marsh Bait Company, LLC. Dry Pelleted Chum...The Performance Fishing Bait and Fish Attractant Oils

The Company
White Marsh Bait Company, LLC was established in late summer of 1998 with one objective in mind: Produce the most "effective and convenient" dry chum bait possible for use by commercial and recreational anglers.

The Product
Their current production facilities are located in Maryland, Virginia & Delaware. Pelleted dry chum products are packaged in 3 lb. bags and 25 lb. pails. Each contain a mesh chum bag and instructions for use. Liquid products are packaged in gallons and pints. Opinions vary about what attracts a particular species of fish. Try our dry chum and you'll agree White Marsh Bait company got it right. Without the smell-without the mess-without the waste.



The Research
White Marsh's research began with some basic facts. Fish like fish. Menhaden and menhaden oil is the base of these products. Creating a dry chum product that would break down at a controlled rate and create a constant flow of attractant at any water temperature an tide condition was the primary challenge. White Marsh Bait Co. was able to achieve this by using hi-tech binders and special pelleting techniques. Thanks to the cooperation of some 30 commercial and recreational anglers, White Marsh was able to test 20 different formulas of chum in a variety of fishing situation and seasons. We chose 3 dry chums that were clearly superior for their application. White Marsh's research is ongoing and as new improvements are made they will be incorporated immediately to keep us all successful.


Saltwater Formula

The Saltwater Formula contains fish meal and 15% fish oil which will provide maximum attraction to most saltwater game fish. This combination of specially formulated dry chum pellets will provide a constant flow of bait regardless of water temperature and tide conditions. This formula has proven to be a real producer in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Let the dry chum performance, convenience and economy of saltwater formula make your fishing trip a day to remember.

      25 lb. BUCKET          3 lb. BAG           
$79.99                  $14.99

Shark Formula

The Shark Formula contains two types of fish meal and 20% fish oil. Rigorously tested in the coastal waters of Maryland and Delaware, this formula will produce a slick that will pull the trophy sharks from the depths. This bait is formulated to ensure maximum dispersion and longevity. A 25 lb. supply of this concentrated formula is equal to 100 pounds of fresh fish. Take advantage of the performance and convenience of shark formula on your next blue water fishing trip.

      25 lb. BUCKET          3 lb. BAG           
$79.99                  $14.99

Catfish Formula

The Catfish Formula is a blend of fish meal, fish oil and three select animal proteins. This formula produces a scent that will draw the most reluctant catfish to your bait. Tested in the tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay, one 3 pound bag of dry chum catfish formula will supply enough bait to fish for an entire day. This bait is also an excellent attractant for minnows and crustaceans, which is the primary food source for other freshwater species.

      25 lb. BUCKET          3 lb. BAG           
$79.99                  $14.99

Menhaden Fish Oil

Fish Oil "Menhaden" is an excellent addition to your fishing arsenal. The White Marsh Bait Co. product is refined so it retains the natural attractants you are looking for. In addition our (menhaden fish oil) has also been filtered to remove any large particles and is treated with an antioxidant to keep it fresh and ready to use.

Use this fantastic blend of menhaden oils to create an enormous scent slick for bringing in a large variety of live baits and trophy fish right to your fingertips. Simply adding a few drops on your live bait, cut baits, or artificial lures can be extremely effective. Pouring extra menhaden fish oil over your frozen chum blocks that you may already use or even white marshes dry chum can definitely increase results dramatically. This extra menhaden fish oil creates an abundance of fish scent in the water causing a scent trail irresistible to baits and Big Game!

5 GALLON       1 GALLON          1 PINT
$114.99             $24.99               $12.99

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