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Live Bait Fish Traps work absolutely an amazing 100% when these live bait fish trap tips and guidelines are simply followed. We've done all of the trial and error work, now it's your turn to prove to yourself just how easy Catch N Bait Live Bait Fish Traps are to use. Using Catch N Bait Fish Traps is seriously one of the easiest, fastest, most economical ways for catching thousands of live baits year after year and time and time again, without any cast net throwing mess. In some cases though, a good quality cast net which we offer, can do the trick especially on some live baits such as greenbacks, menhaden, finger mullet and freshwater shiners. For all other live baits such as pinfish, spot, porgy, sea bass, squirrel fish, mutton minnows, grunts, croaker, bluegill, perch and more, our live bait fish traps will do the trick very easily and effectively. All live baits just mentioned are very aggressive baits and do not waste any time whatsoever going in Catch N Bait Live Bait Fish Traps

#1 Selecting Your Live Bait Fish Traps
Fish traps and live bait traps have been around for many years but just a few simple changes from one live bait fish trap to the next can be the difference between catching 1 dozen live baits from other live bait fish trap brands to 8 dozen live baits with our live bait fish trap models. One of the first steps to catching many live baits with ease is finding out which Catch N Bait models of live bait/pinfish traps are best for you. We have 5 live bait fish trap models to choose from starting with the smallest live bait fish traps first : T-MODEL LIVE BAIT FISH TRAP, GRASS FLATS SPECIAL LIVE BAIT FISH TRAP, FISHERMAN'S CLASSIC LIVE BAIT FISH TRAP, FISHERMAN'S JUMBO PLUS LIVE BAIT FISH TRAP, & LIVE BAIT CONDO FISH TRAP. (Descriptions to suit your needs are all explained on the Pinfish/Live Bait Fish Traps page)
All of our pinfish bait fish trap models are made to catch the maximum amount of live baits within the shortest amount of time. We've tested these traps through many years of use to assure you as a customer, many of the finest live bait fish catching traps made.

#2 The 4 Top Live Baits and Fish Trap Placement
After you've selected which live bait fish traps from Catch N Bait that will suit your needs, your next step will be the location in which to place your pinfish/bait fish traps. The most common live baits we'll be going after are pinfish, spots (short for spottailed pinfish), squirrel fish (sand perch), and mutton minnows (silverfish). Ideally, you'll want to place your live bait fish trap in proven areas that you've caught several by hook or have seen in large quantities schooled up. In most cases you'll be placing your live bait trap in water that is between 4-12 ft in depth.

Sink the long part of the baitfish trap in the direction of current flow. (Not Broadside) Placing the trap broadside of the current may cause bait trap to tip over in strong current conditions. Also, live bait will enter the trap much easier swimming up or down current instead of entering the live bait trap in a side current motion. Heavy lead bars are available to insert into the bait fish traps for locations that have abnormal strong tidal movement. The same lead bars can be used to put into chum bags, chum pots, or use as weights for marker buoys. Available in 2-3 lb. sizes.

For pinfish... you'll be looking for the thickest grass beds with slight to medium tidal movement. Often at times you'll see large schools of pinfish flashing in the sunlight while their turning and eating along the bottom. This would be an excellent choice for your pinfish trap placement. If you know of any great trout flats, this is also where pinfish gather in large schools. Trout and pinfish use the same grass environment for feeding purposes, so putting traps where trout have gathered have always proven very productive.

Spots (spottails)... are in the same pinfish family but are more rounded in shape, mostly all silver and have a few black spots at the end of their tail. Spots generally like the live bottom or rocky areas and usually gather up in very large schools. Spots when schooled up are most often considered a major nuisance when trying to fish with smaller baits like shrimp. On the other hand, when found the opportunity to find such large schools, write down the GPS coordinates or landmark for you've just found yourself a live bait gold mine. Spots tend to take up home in water depths of 10-35 feet on specific rocky points, live bottom, etc., so be assured at next visit, they'll be bound to be there. Catching hundreds at one time of these prime looked for baits in these locations using Catch N Bait Traps is very likely. Spots are one of the most aggressive baits in the water and do not waste any time going in Catch N Bait Traps.

Squirrel fish (sand perch)... can be found in water up to 25 feet in depth but like the sandy bottoms with patches of grass in the area. The best way to target squirrel fish is to place the trap in areas that you've caught by hook or simply test the trap in areas of patchy sand and grass in water depths of 7-12 feet. Squirrel fish will not be seen in dense populations like pinfish or spots. Squirrel fish tend to be much more independent so catching large numbers of just squirrel fish would be highly unlikely. One could expect an average of 6-15 squirrel fish at a time in the right areas. Squirrel fish are an excellent choice for catching big tarpon, cobia, grouper, etc.

Mutton Minnows (silverfish)... typically will be found in your sandy shallower water next to beaches, sand bars, sandy mud flats etc. These mutton minnows tend to travel in schools of several dozens from 1-6 ft in water depth. Mutton minnows usually run a little smaller than pinfish and have a very white silverfish look without the sharp dorsal fins like pinfish. This bait is an excellent choice for catching many trout on the flats as well as every other big game fish. The perfect depth for placing your baitfish trap would be in water 4-6 ft to allow for the rising and lowering of tidal movement.

#3 Baiting Your Pinfish/Live Bait Fish Trap
Baiting your Catch N Bait Trap is one of the most important tips that is most often forgotten. Years of tests have been made and time after time it has proven consistent results extremely effectively for catching large quantities of all desired live baits. The #1 way that we recommend for having the most success trapping live baits is to use our Powerful Concentrate Live Bait Fish Trap Formula! We've done numerous tests and have found that this Live Bait Fish Trap Food Formula to be one of the easiest, most convenient and productive ways for catching numerous live baits day in and day out! (For more information and for purchasing click here on Live Bait Fish Trap Food Formula). The #2 choice for catching live baits that we have found, is the more raw fish that is used, the better the results. Filling the middle compartment as full as possible with bait will always increase your quantity of live bait catches. We recommend a whole mullet cut up or just left over fish carcasses from cleaning your keeper catches. Place the whole head, rib cages, or even left over old bait that you didn't use directly into the middle compartment of the live bait fish trap. The more fish oils and scent that can come out of the trap and be released into the water, the better. Fish have an unbelievable sense of smell and the stronger that the bait scent is in the water, the farther the scent will travel, bringing large schools from other areas right into your trap. This being the case, we highly recommend to use the Concentrated Fish Food Formula more maximum scent travel. If formula is not at hand, carcesses will still provide you with great results.

Even though in a 2-3 hour period, many live baits can be caught, it is highly recommended for maximum results, that it is left "undisturbed" for atleast a 12-24 hour period. With every live bait that enters the live bait fish trap, more and more live baits learn how to enter and start entering fast. Checking your bait trap every few hours is not recommended because it disturbs the live bait fish traps environment in which the live baits are finally getting use to.

#4 Disturbing Your Pinfish/Live Bait Fish Trap
When your live bait fish trap is first placed, it will take awhile before most live baits become comfortable with it being in their environment. As the smell from the fish oils start flowing and the live baits get use to the live bait trap, they will soon start to enter. Live baits that enter will instantly start to feed with no fear of being trapped. Once you start pulling the trap, the live baits instinct is to try and get out. With this in mind, all live baits should be removed at this time. Pulling a trap after just a few hours is one of the biggest mistakes made. If you let a trap back down with a few live baits still in it, you can probably expect for some of the baits to get back out. At this point, the live baits are no longer in a comfortable environment with eating on their mind but now simply doing everything to try and get out.

Our Pricing
We at Catch N Bait Supply Co. understand that there's always competition in the market place with other companies or individuals trying to sell similar products at cheaper prices. In most cases the cheap prices are also matched up with a cheaply made product, whether it be the quality of material, the design and way it's made or even its smaller size. We can assure you that our products are made with intentions of supplying the best products on the market above and beyond all others. We have priced our pinfish/live bait traps and live bait containers like our live bait/fish holding pens based on our quality construction using a black PVC coated galvanized welded wire with stainless steel clamps for saltwater use, the cost of materials and the unique design of our live bait fish traps and live bait/fish holding cages. Other brands of cheap pinfish/live bait fish traps can't touch the volume of live bait catches that our live bait fish traps have to offer. We have pride in our quality made live bait traps and live bait holding cages and have tested them to last for many many years of use. Catch N Bait Traps when used by our above mentioned Catch N Bait Fish Trap tips and guidelines, have potential to literally catch thousands and thousands of live baits over and over for many years of no mess live bait catches. To start catching many live baits with ease in the finest Live Bait Fish Traps made, simply order one today.

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